Janina Pazdan

About the Artist

Janina Pazdan was born and raised in Poland. She studied drawing, oil painting, ceramics, and sculpture for 10 years. She finished her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, graduating in 1983.

Edward Monet, Edgar Degaz, Vincent Van Gogh, and Henre Toulouse-Lautrec, the French impressionists, were to make the greatest impact on her artistic perception. Learning from them, she had discovered how their masterpieces were affected by the art of the "Finest" Diego Velazquez.

Having painted several copies of Velazquez's masterpieces Janina Pazdan has developed a great scope of output of her own. She has painted gardens, flowers, landscapes, and seascapes. Inspired by music and poetry she loves to create abstract images. A very special challenge of hers is to paint portraits of people and animals. She is also eager to utilize the best of her talent and experience in interior design projects.

Her latest series was inspired by dance. She has discovered her great passion for dancing herself, which she has now expressed on canvas.

"Music, dance, beauty — I love it!" — Janina Pazdan